Sazerac Cocktails: VooDoo, Witchcraft and Masonic Mystery (21+)

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Drink a real ‘Sazerac’ in three tales of Haitian Voodoo, Swiss Witchcraft, Masons and the Comet of 1812.

Presented at Symposium 2019 by Baba Teddy

You will be prepared an actual, ‘Sazerac’ cocktail as originally made by Antoine Amédée Peychaud, as you learn the hidden history of each of its original ingredients and an actual VooDoo ritual will explain why they are called ‘Cocktails’. A voodoo incantation will be proffered as we all ‘take the cure’ and toast Antoine Amadee Peychaud the father of Peychaud’s Bitters, Mere Henriod the Mother of Absinthe and the Masonic Comet of 1812.


Baba Teddy (Ted Jauw) is a keeper of ‘Hidden History’. Especially the kind that intersects with his love of the Underground railroad and the Railroads that we more commonly see in SteamPunk. Elijah McCoy figures front and center in his book ‘Teslation II’ but, here, he will present some things that won’t be found in the book and shared only with adults.

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