The Order of Persephone

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The International Steampunk Symposium remains dedicated to making this convention as safe and enjoyable as we can. We have a comprehensive set of Safety Rules, our staff and volunteers are easy to spot with the orange sashes, and we have several other procedures in place, but we are constantly vigilant in our efforts to make the Symposium even safer for all attendees, and for 2019 the Symposium Safety Committee is planning to start a new program . . . The Order of Persephone.

The Order of Persephone project requires a rare breed of volunteer: women of temperance, who like to stay up late, but who also like to remain sober.

Order of Persephone Volunteers will be around as the late night concerts and parties come to a close, and be there to help those in need find their way safely back to their room, or notify Symposium Staff if further assistance is required. Volunteers will work in pairs and have special buttons to identify them. So if late at night, between midnight and 3AM, you are lost, confused, or in need of safe company, please look for the ladies with the Order of Persephone buttons.

Sorry Chaps, despite your honorable and noble character, this project is only open to female volunteers and will be supervised by the female members of the Symposium Safety Committee; we know that the true gentlemen will understand this necessity.

For those wishing to join the Order of Persephone, there will be a sign up station at the convention’s Information Desk, and meanwhile for those wanting further details, please email


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