Oddity (A Staged Reading)

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Presented at Symposium 2019 by Ashley Lauren Rogers

A transgender man, known only as Professor, wakes up in a research facility deep within the center of the Earth. He only vaguely knows that he’s there to research a horrifying and violent incident that led to the deaths of all researchers within the facility.  As he attempts to deal with the symptoms of decompression sickness he sees his fondest memories, of Coney Island Freaks Shows. When Professor meets the sole survivor of the incident he is suddenly left questioning everything around him. What’s real, what’s fantasy, who can you trust?

WARNING: Adult situations, body horror, and themes of miscarrying and violence. Full trigger warnings can be provided upon request. Oddity has been performed in New York at The Brick in 2017.


Ashley Lauren Rogers performed her one-person show PASS/FAIL at Dixon Place Lounge, MITF, the Trans Theatre Festival at The Brick, and The University of Wisconsin. Her show The Illustrated Xmas Sweater for Step1 Theatre Productions.  She was invited to the two week summer playwriting intensive at the Kennedy Center, Washington DC.  Ashley received the 2014 ACM Award for Comedy Video for the pilot of Marisa and Rocco through Dogtoon Media. Ashley has written for Cosmopolitan, The Mary Sue, SFWA, John Scalzi Blog. Ashley developed a workshop for writing for trans and non­binary narratives available on WritingTheOther.com. Ashley is the Producer/creator of the Is It Transphobic? Podcast and Ashley is currently working on an untitled  non-fiction manuscript for Three L Media

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