The Leviathan by Adam Koehler

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The Beast

Created as a war machine for the German naval fleet, the Leviathan is a mechanical monster resembling an ancient prehistoric fish. With a length of approximately 15 meters and a height of 6 meters it is much smaller than many of the other submarines in service. Because of its smaller size, it is much harder to hit with most weaponry, and is much more maneuverable than anything else at sea built at this time.

It is controlled by a crew of three, including a commander, a communications operator, and motoring operator. While lacking guns or a mine laying system, its primary way of attacking is using the thick steel armor built in the head section to ram into smaller vessels.

Alternatively, it can use the sharp metal plates of its mouth to cut gashes into the hull of enemy boats, causing them to sink. The Leviathan has a periscope for spotting the enemy and is tethered by a long cable to a large friendly battleship to charge electric lamps on the interior of the sub. This also serves as a link for new oxygen to be obtained for the Leviathan crew to survive once under the surface.


The Artist

Adam Koehler has been drawing and creating from a very early age, now fifteen and a high school Drawing & Design art student in Granville, Ohio. Member of the Columbus HMAS Dauntless crew.


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