Junkyard Derby

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Junkyard Derby is a fast-paced card game in which you build then race an eclectic racer.

Presented at Symposium 2019 by B’omarr Punk

Players draft cards from a junk pile and combine them to build a functioning racer as well as contraptions to sabotage others. During the race, drivers navigate hazards and speed past their foes to win the prize. Will you race in a rocket-powered basket atop roller skates, a clockwork oil drum on tank treads, or some other wild combination?


B’omarr Punk is the creator of the Pure Steam Campaign Setting for Pathfinder RPG, and soon to be released for D&D 5E. He is also the designer of the Junkyard Derby card game. He loves storytelling, the outdoors, and social games of all types. He’s a (very) amateur cosplayer and tinkerer.



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