Steampunk Krakken by Ted Jauw

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The Beast

This is a moment of terror frozen in time. The R.A.F. Narwhal encounters a mechanically armoured Krakken on its way to Cincinnati, intent on finishing what it started many years ago. The outcome of this incident is wholly uncertain as it hasn’t happened yet . . . but will.

Incidents like this are not unknown to the members of Cirque A Circa and the crypto-zoological existence of Freshwater Krakken has long been suspected since the worship of ‘Flying Spaghetti Monsters’ was first reported in 2005.

More surprising, however, is that in the early to mid 20th century, a couple of Greek Americans, newly local to the area, pre-dated the spaghetti worshipers when they managed to tame, train, mechanize, armour, and weaponize the krakken, giving us one possible origin of the “Cincinnati-style Three Way.”


The Artist

Ted Jauw is also known as Baba Teddy in the world of NowPunk and Steampunk that he calls ‘Surcadia’ (Surcadian Chronicles – Amazon). An artist, novelist and fire breathing circus performer by day, he is a teacher of African Traditional Religions, Occult and Middle Passage Diaspora Lore by night. As a storyteller, performer and lecture at Conventions in the U.S. and Canada, he and his wife, author, illustrator Kate Henriott are preparing to release their first book as co-authors entitled ‘Absinthe, Alewives and Alchemy’ to be debuted at the International SteamPunk Symposium 2019 in Cincinnati. This book is about Kate’s ancestor ‘Mere Henriod’, the first recorded purveyor of Absinthe. It is a tale of intrigue, mystery, witchcraft, burning times and lifetimes. They have seven children and are featured at such other Festivals as Wheatland Music Festival, and Bliss and The Canadian Conjuration Camp-out and Michigan’s popular Michigan Pagan Fest as headliners. They are a part of the Reggio Aero Famiglia RAF Narwhal Crewe and are original members (and survivors) of the Legendary Cirque A Circa Aeroshippe Dissapparation of 2013.

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