Steampunk Phoenix by Bekah Ewers

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The Beast

Steampunk Phoenix are friendly constructs that use coal and steam power to function.  After their initial creation, they went a bit wild and had to be enticed back into service with a hearty snack of coal. In this scene, the Steampunk Phoenix has returned to the factory for its breakfast, carefully doled out by the coal shoveler. The Phoenix dips it’s long tail made of pipes into a pool to intake water, while a hatch in its chest is opened to feed it coal and the bellows on its wings help stoke the fire. After “eating”, it can fly off to help hoist heavy equipment, aid in construction and transportation, and in times of war, provide a vital and fearsome opposition.


The Artist

Bekah Ewers is a professional illustrator and teacher for digital painting at IUPUI in Indianapolis. She has done illustrations for several children’s books and RPG manuals, including PureSteam and Westbound as a bestiary artist. She has worked on several games for local businesses, creating character assets, animations, and background art. Ewers has taught digital painting for four years, and aside from teaching, she works as a freelance illustrator and independent game developer with her husband and friends.
Ewers has been a big fan of the steampunk aesthetic and often incorporate it into her art, meticulously planing out the arrangements of gears, screws, and pipes to create a believable illustration. The level of detail and thought required for designing steampunk and clockwork things is challenging but rewarding.

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