Dancing Beasts – A Guide to Swing Dancing

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An exciting, vintage swing dance workshop featuring Lindy Hop, Charleston, and East Coast Swing styles!

Presented at Symposium 2019 by Megan Ulrich and Tabby Jackson

In response to the lively, big band jazz music of the era, swing dancing was starting to gain popularity in the 1920s. So what could be a better activity for a witch, wizard, or magical creature with some down time on their hands?!

In this workshop, we’ll be exploring three styles that dancers would use while out on the town in the 1920s: Lindy Hop, Charleston, and East Coast Swing. While these dance styles are authentic to the period, they can be used with everything classic, vintage swing music to modern, Deco-Punk inspired electroswing. So put on your dancing shoes and come swing out!


Megan Ulrich – After discovering her love of jazz music in college, Megan became an active member of the Cincinnati swing dance community in 2015. Over the 4 years that she has been swing dancing, Megan has traveled to various regional workshops to further expand her knowledge of swing dancing and the many different styles that are a part of the swing dance family. She is excited to share this knowledge with the Steampunk community so that others can find their passion in dance as well. For Megan, the most exciting aspect of dancing is the connection it provides; the connection to a partner and to the music leads to endless creative possibilities as well as wonderful interactions and relationships between people. She hopes to connect with friends old and new on the dance floor at Symposium this year!


Tabby Jackson – A founding member of Ky’s Speakeasy Electroswing Louisville and seasoned performer, Tabby is no stranger to the vintage charms of swing. She hopes to bring the joy and fun of dance to the Symposium and encourage even the faintest of heart to cut a rug.


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