Brace Yourself! Make Your Very Own Preposterous Steampunk Bracer

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A make and take workshop for Steampunk Bracers.

Presented at Symposium 2019 by Professor Cornelius Zowski & Lady Jacqueline Zowski

Panel participants will create their very own Steampunk preposterous arm bracer from thrift-store finds, nut, screws, bolts, hot glue, and their imaginations. This panel is presented by two special education teachers.

This is a make a take panel for a fee of $15-20 ($15 w/o lights-$20 with lights).


Professor Corny has been creating preposterous Steampunk accessories for several years. He has taught three panels on how to make Steampunk accessories from re-sale store finds, nuts and bolts and a wild imagination. He first presented a panel at the Dream Expo in 2016 and at the Motor City Steam Con 2016. Finally, he presented a make and take panel at the Motor City Steam Con 2018 in Detroit. He is a professor at MIT-Michigan Institute of Tinkery, a subterranean college of absurdity and wonder. He and his lovely wife, Lady Jacqueline, who is a retired educator, supplement their meager public education salaries by raiding airships in the summer months.

Lady Jacqueline -a former Nubian Queen from the sub-continent and the beautiful wife of Professor Corny, has been gracing the Steampunk scene for the last four years. She has been Professor Corny’s astute apprentice for the last two years.

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