A Seance of Humor

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A closer look at spiritualism and the occult in the Victorian era.

Presented at Symposium 2019 by Jay Lyon

In the mid 1800s, a wave of fascination for a new branch of “study” swept Victoriana, and men and women alike became enamored of the peculiars of spiritualism and the occult. From Mary Todd Lincoln’s grief over her lost family to the famous could-be hoaxes of the Fox Sisters, we take a walk through this most unusual of Victorian past times.


Jay Lyon is a hobbyist dabbling in Victoriana, and has had a unique interest in death since childhood, and the occult since high school. She enjoys reading books and watching documentaries on the subject, and bothering the people in her life with random odd facts on the topic. She hopes to start collecting memento mori once she has a little more room in her house.

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