Schedule – Friday, March 29th, 2019

The International Steampunk Symposium

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Please note that this schedule may be subject to necessary changes


  • Tea Stroll (Upper Terrace)
    Several Airships and Steampunk groups welcome you to the Symposium with tea and goodies!
  • Airship Registration (Upper Terrace)
    Register your group to compete for the Steampunk Olympiad Trophy.
  • Introduction to Steampunk with Phoebe Darqueling (Verona)
    New to Steampunk? Learn the basics and ease your way into a fun world of imagination.
  • Vendor Hall open for Premium Members (Florence/Venice/Rome)


  • Tea Stroll (Upper Terrace)
    The tea and other delights continue to welcome people to the Symposium.
  • Airship Registration (Upper Terrace)
    Register your group to compete for the Steampunk Olympiad Trophy.
  • Vendor Hall (Florence/Venice/Rome)


  • Opening Ceremonies (Ferrara)
    Meet the Symposium’s Featured Guests and learn more about the weekend’s theme and activities.
  • Vendor Hall (Florence/Venice/Rome)


  • Mickey James (Ferrara)
    Big Band jazz, swing, and more!
  • The Wingardium Leviosa Challenge (Upper Terrace)
    Wands at the ready for this themed Steampunk Olympiad challenge.
  • Victorian Cryptozoology with Dr. Renea Frey & Robert Dorsey (Naples)
    Along with new zoological discoveries in the Victorian era came the search for —and sometimes creation of— new and amazing species.
  • Writing Steampunk 101 (Palermo)
    Tips on how to get that great idea for a Steampunk story onto paper and beyond.
  • Elijah McCoy with Baba Teddy (Pompeii)
    The ‘Real McCoy’; Steam Trains, The Underground Railroad and Moonshine.
  • Fans and Flowers Workshop with M. Leigh Hood (Verona)
    Fans and flowers provided! Up your flirting skills with some archaic tips and tricks from days gone by.
  • Dastardly Dirigibles (Sicily)
    An airship building board game.
  • Iron Kingdoms – “The Bridge at Orven” (Sicily)
    An Iron Kingdoms RPG Adventure.
  • Junkyard Derby (Sicily)
    A fast-paced card game in which you build then race an eclectic racer.
  • Scythe (Sicily)
    An engine-building, asymmetric, competitive board game set in an alternate-history 1920s.
  • World of SMOG – The Rise of Moloch (Sicily)
    An adventure board game, set in an alternate England, where magic and technology have taken an extraordinary turn. 


  • Valentine Wolfe (Ferrara)
    An energized blend of metal, classical, and industrial music with Stoker and Poe.
  • Mixology 101/210 with Calamity Labs (Hotel Bar)
    Learn the exciting secrets of a home bar!
  • Steampunk Olympiad – Writing Relay (Palermo)
    Teams work to compose an original Steampunk story.
  • Lit Track After Dark: Ghost Stories! (Pompeii)
    Our Esteemed Lit Track Guests tell a real or fictional ghost story and discuss what keeps us hooked on tales of the dead!
  • Body Positivity and Size Inclusiveness in Steampunk (Verona)
    Steampunk fashion comes in all shapes and sizes.
  • Kids’ Story Time with Steampunk Santa (Milan)
    Wind down the day with a great story from Steampunk Santa.
  • Tabletop Gaming (Sicily)


  • SCOWL: “Cry For The Moon” (Ferrara)
    SCOWL is a New York based stage combat oriented storytelling show.
  • The Queen City’s Cincinnati Cocktail with Baba Teddy (Hotel Bar)
    Join us for some original cocktails inspired by local cuisine. 
  • Writing Victorian Erotica with Bay Gaillard (Pompeii)
    The steamy side of victorian erotica and how to keep things both hot and historically accurate.
  • A Grave Interest with Jamie Lyon (Verona)
    An overview of the Victorian fascination with death and dying.
  • Tabletop Gaming (Sicily)

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The International Steampunk Symposium