FASA Games Inc. – Symposium 2018

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FASA Games Inc. returns to the Symposium with their fantastic tabletop roleplaying games: 1879, Earthdawn, and Demonworld.

They can be found in both the Vendor’s Market and the Symposium Gaming Room this April.

1879: Steampunk fantasy, set in the late Victorian era at the cusp between the Age of Steam and the Age of Electricity, in an alternate history where Prince Albert survived and magic returned.

Earthdawn: Post apocalyptic sword and sorcery, where the more people who believe you are a great hero, the more of a great hero you become. The Horrors still roam the world, and the right person in the right place at the right time can change the course of history.

Demonworld: High fantasy survival horror. Your characters are special forces soldiers in a sword and sorcery world, fighting a war against the demon hordes.

To learn more about FASA Games Inc. visit go to FasaGames.com.