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V is for Villains – Well known for their recent viral video release of “Pink Elephants on Parade”, they are a super-villain attired electronic industrial rock band and a fan favorite at major venues and conventions across the country. V is for Villains, is led by front man and lead vocalist Mr. Agitator, and is joined on stage by the likes of Fallon Flynn on guitar and Vex on keyboards and female lead vocals. This is one show you don’t want to miss!


Vourteque is one of America’s top electro swing and neo-vintage Djs. Musician, producer, remix artist, DJ, carny and ringmaster – Vourteque entertains and wows crowd from Los Angeles to New York. He’s one of the minds behind the midwest’s Rouge! neo-vintage dance parties that have featured guests such as Dutty Moonshine, Good Co., Kiwistar, Lord Justice and more.


Sir Reginald Pikedevant, Esquire – One of the world’s premier purveyors of Steampunk Chap Hop. What is Chap Hop? Imagine rap music, were it written and performed by an upper-class British twit. In Sir Reginald’s case, he combines the rhymes, delivered in Received Pronunciation, with the sounds of the Victorian music-hall, Barbershop quartets, and instruments both modern and vintage, both mundane and unusual.


Horehounds Burlesque – Bursting from the stages of Wild West saloons, this group has performed at such venues as the Old West Festival, Dogwood Pass, Richmond, KY Civil War reenactment and other local festivals. Be prepared for feathers, fun and maybe even some scandalous surprises!xx

Pickled Brothers Circus – The Pickled Brothers Circus has been amazing and entertaining audiences all over the world since 2002. Their circus sideshow inspired antics will once again make you wonder how a human can do such a thing, and why? The Pickled Brothers eat fire, juggle, swallow swords, crack whips, and lay on beds of nails. They’ve performed all over the world amazing and amusing kids and adults. You may have seen them on TV on The Tonight Show, Animal Planet, Guinness World Records, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Canada’s Breakfast TV, MTV, CMT, or even The Jerry Springer Show. They’ve also broken eight records between them!


. . . and EVEN MORE acts will added as we draw closer to April 2018!

If you have an act and wish to be considered as part of the Symposium’s Entertainment Program, please submit a proposal via THIS FORM.