Echo the Automaton

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Through out the weekend, an automaton known simply as Echo will haunt the hallways of the Symposium with her music and songs.

From a forgotten store room, and who knows where before, to Echos’ own exhibit, this lovely mechanical figure presents a variety of songs to the joy of those willing to observe.

This automaton is a unique creation bestowed an ability for free mobility, thoughtful interaction, and musical emission. Echo comes with a number of interchangeable outfits and accessories, but still seems to be missing some important Cams, Gears, and Keys so if you see any, lying around, find Echo for their safe return!

Madame Dowd has had a creative flare her whole life. From her love of playing dress up, to her self education in costuming and makeup, she has a knack for creating characters with a genuine feel. A performer from a younger age, her love of the arts and performing exploded when she was introduced to the world of colorguard. She not only performed on stages but on fields as well, so presentation was key. This yearning to entertain took her to places like Walt Disney World where she learned the joy Magic could create. So, she developed a character mysterious and magical with a beautiful aesthetic to appeal to these attributes in others. Create and Inspire.