Steamtastic Beasts Design Contest

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Through the use of machinery, magic, and a dash of imagination, on March 29th, 30th, and 31st, 2019 the Holiday Inn Eastgate in Cincinnati, Ohio will be transported out of time and space to inhabit the Cincinnatus Academy of Sorcery & Science. In this fantastical place, various steampowered beasts roam the academy campus . . . some beautiful . . . some dangerous . . . some both.

Over the course of the weekend, attendees will have the challenge of searching for these steamtastic beasts and gathering information in their field journals (provided in the program books). The Cincinnatus Academy of Sorcery & Science always rewards inquisitive minds and there will be points and prizes for those most inquisitive students of magic and machinery who find all the beasts in the field journal. Will you find them all?

The Design Contest

Many of the steamtastic beasts will be represented by banners depicting artwork (and information) of the creature scattered throughout the convention hotel, and we are inviting you to help design some of these wonderful monsters. Between now and November 1st, 2018 we are accepting entries for designs of the following creatures:

  • Steampowered Unicorn
  • Steampowered Dragon
  • Steampowered Phoenix
  • Steampowered Griffin
  • Steampowered Kraken
  • Undiscovered Beasts (anything that does not fit the above categories)

In October our judges will pick three designs from each category, and then we shall hold an online poll for Symposium fans to vote for their favorite beasts. In the days leading up to the poll, we shall have “creature features” on the submissions as they come in.

The winners of each category will receive a full weekend badge to the International Steampunk Symposium 2019, get a Symposium 2019 pin, have their art featured in the convention program book (and website), and get to keep the vinyl banner of their beast at the end of Symposium 2019.

Enter the Contest

  • To submit your Steamtastic Beast, email your picture to with the subject heading “Steamtastic Beast Design” and the category name, for example Steamtastic Beast Design – Unicorn.
  • All entries must be received by midnight on November 1st, 2018.
  • All entries must be full color*, with a high enough resolution to be printed on a vinyl banner. The banners will be a square 2 foot by 2 foot (make sure to include 1/4 bleed)
    (* that said, sketch work of your beast would work really in the Field Guide, so submit that as well)
  • All entries must be original designs to which you own the legal rights. By submitting your art to the contest, you give the International Steampunk Symposium permission to use it for electronic and printed promotional materials.
  • With the email, include a short background story for the beast, and your bio as an artist.
  • Please email if you have additional questions.

Featured artwork above by Alejandro Lee for the steampunk RPG Pure Steam. To learn more about the Pure Steam RPG, please visit their table at the Symposium this coming March 🙂

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