Show Director : Aloysius Fox

Since 2008, Aloysius Fox has founded and co-founded many different successful Steampunk events and projects. For 2012 he formed a crew to open the inaugural Steampunk Symposium, and since then the convention has grown its attendance, quality, and community mission each year.


Con-Ops Manager : Dash Qualls-Gibeau

Dannyn “Dash” Qualls-Gibeau is the polymath executive officer of the Symposium. From programming presenters to scheduling volunteers, Dash navigates much of the convention’s engineering from the ship’s bridge also known as Con-Ops. To learn about volunteering CLICK HERE for our online form.


Entertainment Director : Travis Fessler

Mostly harmless (Since the 2013 Symposium, Travis Fessler of the Pickled Brothers Circus has been the Master of Ceremonies for the Symposium’s main stage entertainment. Travis works throughout the year to bring the Symposium its amazing line up of performers of music, dance, sideshow, burlesque, and more.).


Mistress of Ceremonies : Emilie P Bush

Writer, editor, and journalist, Emilie P. Bush is a quintessential Do-It-Yourself steampunk. Since the first Symposium in 2012, Emilie has been a special guest and became a lifetime member of the convention, but in April 2017 she also accepted the role of lead MC.



Steampunk Olympiad MC : Peter Beerslayer

Starting in 2013, Peter has been the Symposium’s host, commentator, and MC of the Steampunk Olympiad. A man of many talents, he a founding member of the Traveling Revelers, and possesses a keen talent for sabrage . . . the technique for opening a champagne bottle with a saber!


Steampunk Olympiad Games Master : Don Dodson III

Don is tasked with the responsibility of designing, organizing, regulating, and ensuring the fairness of the Steampunk Olympiad’s various games.



Resident Author & Literary Ambassador : Leanna Renee Hieber

Actress, playwright, artist and award-winning, bestselling author Leanna Renee Hieber writes Gothic Victorian Paranormal novels for adults and teens. Since 2012 she has been a Guest of Honor each year at the Symposium, but since then she has also become an essential member of the convention’s Literary Program.


Registration Manager : Guy Dillon

Guy Dillon was most likely the first Steampunk of Cincinnati, co-founded the League of Cincinnati Steampunks in 2008, and has been with the Symposium since its conception. IT wizard during the day, Guy uses his skills to organize the registration team and quickly get badges to arriving attendees.


Vendor Hall Manager : Crystal Alley Johns.

Crystal became the Symposium’s Vendor Hall Manager with the 2017 Symposium, and has since managed vendors at other local events such as the Cincinnati Halloween Masquerade, the Voodoo Carnival, and the monthly Cincinnati Steampunk Salon. For vending information, contact Crystal at


Safety Committee Chair : Susan Fessler

Susan Fessler, of the Pickled Brothers Circus, formed the Symposium Safety Committee and created the Pandora Society Anti-Harassment Policy.  Susan works closely with the convention security to make sure someone is available 24 hours a day throughout the Symposium if an issue arises.  It is very important to her that all Pandora Society events are considered a safe place for everyone that attends; she may look like she doesn’t like anyone, but in reality she wants everyone to be safe.

Security Chief : Rob Dorsey

Rob is a chap of many talents that include neuroscience, professional massage therapy, martial arts, and musician with Band of Pirates and Mayan Ruins. Skilled in the arts of diplomacy, and years of experience as a night club bouncer, he is dedicated to the safety and well being of Symposium attendees and fellow human beings.


Graphic Design : Bethalynne Bajema

Eccentric artist incarnate, tarot deck maker, wanna-be mermaid, and art director at The Attic Shoppe Trading Company. Bethalynne brought us Bly the Automaton Girl in 2017 as the new mascot and face of the International Steampunk Symposium and continues the series into each year’s theme.


Web Master : Myke Amend

Known by many for his grand paintings of airships, the famous of which was commissioned by the band Abney Park, creates many visions from dreamy absurdity to darkest nightmares. He is also professionally a master of website construction and maintenance!



Marketing Manager : Saffire Ravenhart

Saffire has MBA in marketing and in an alternate reality works for the marketing department of the University of Cincinnati. She is active in bellydance and performs with a troupe, and is a fan of various science fiction and fantasy, “I am pretty much a geekette.”



Maker Room Manager : Governess Sebastian

Sebastian is a Midwest based maker and seamstress. She focuses primarily in textiles, paper, and vinyl. Sebastian has also worked with the Symposium as our Governess of Tea, resident decorator, and hotel liaison.



Kid’s Program Manager : Pixie Sue Schmid

Pixie is many things: Pirate, Cat Wrangler, Geek Extraordinaire, Skyclad Dancer, Lymphoma Slayer, Expert in Mommy Medicine, Bubble Assistant, Tale Trader, Aspiring Do Gooder, but at the International Steampunk Symposium, she has taken on the task of managing the Airship Kindership program for the younger Steampunks at the convention. Her qualifications for being listened to are short, though notable.


Kid’s Program Manager : Leslie Thomas

The mighty mother of three strong headed boys. A former librarian, she is knowledgeable in many things.. Leslie is excited for this new challenge.




Gaming Room Manager : Kevin Wing

Known in local Steampunk circles as “No, The OTHER one with the British accent.” Typically he appears as pictured, or may be dressed as a gorilla. An enthusiastic tabletop gamer for the past five years, Kevin is looking forward to providing a welcoming, enjoyable, inclusive and friendly, gaming environment, and after that, “Who is up for Cards Against Humanity?”


Hospitality : Star Joens

While an attendee from the very beginning of the Symposium, 2017 marked Star stepping into the role of “Hostess with the Mostest” and overseeing all aspects of Hospitality with the Symposium. You will find her running willy-nilly through the Tea Stroll, and greeting everyone with a smile at the Devon Cream Tea. When not there, legend says follow the giggles to find her.

Convention Ambassador : Tina Black

A fellow co-founder of the League of Cincinnati Steampunks, Tina has worked with the Symposium since its beginnings. She is often found staffing the Symposium’s promotional tables at other conventions, and acts as liaison to other conventions visiting the Symposium.



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