Topexx Dominions – Symposium 2018

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Topexx Dominions (by Space Monkeys Down) sells an assortment of Steampunk gaming accouterments. They have many original Steampunk character prints in a range of sizes, inclusing 35 mm pewter Steampunk miniatures for your gaming needs, as well as up-coming D&D Adventure Modules. To learn more about Topexx Dominions visit their Facebook Page. x x   Buy Your […]

FASA Games Inc. – Symposium 2018

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FASA Games Inc. returns to the Symposium with their fantastic tabletop roleplaying games: 1879, Earthdawn, and Demonworld. They can be found in both the Vendor’s Market and the Symposium Gaming Room this April. 1879: Steampunk fantasy, set in the late Victorian era at the cusp between the Age of Steam and the Age of Electricity, […]

Steampunk Symposium Olympics: Day Three

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Bocce A friendly game of mannerly ball-tossing entertained participants and audience members on Sunday. The Fireball Federation snagged first place. The QEXV came in second, with the Dodge City Airship placing third. Iron Tailor After a lot of stitching, scheming, and parading, the results for the Iron Tailor competition finally came in. Leading the tailors […]

Victorian Spiritualism and Spirit Communication

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Robert Scott, the Pandora Society’s leading expert on Victorian Spirtualism, offered an extensive presentation on the subject during this year’s International Steampunk Symposium. The top highlights and most useful information for those interested in further research continue below. Books on the subject are few and far between, but after much research, the best books on […]

Steampunk Olympics Day 2

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The Steampunk Olympics kicked off on Saturday with the mandatory training for Umbrella fencing, followed by Nerf Duelling, Penny Farthing races, Croquet, and Dirigible races. The costume contest also took place, with results covered separately. Umbrella Fencing “This is a bad idea” is the official motto of Umbrella Fencing, which is why it was scheduled […]

Olympics: Day One!

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On the first day of Symposium, the first three Olympic competitions began. The Beard and Mustache Competition saw a host of finely furred faces compete for the first round of points for their airships. The Iron Tailor competition launched in the Hunt room. The teams received their assignments and materials, but their night was only […]

Make it Supernatural

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Steampunk Journal editor Phoebe Darqueling regaled the crowd with the historical and literary context for the belief in supernatural creatures during the steam era. As people left the countryside to seek industrial employment, they brought their appetite for stories with them. Major magazines needed to fill their pages with the stories readers wanted, and this […]

Bring Your Camera to Symposium!

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The week of Symposium has arrived, and as you’re filling your steamer trunks, carpet backs, and assorted mechanical carrier devices, be sure to grab your camera. It’s an important accessory for artists and memory keepers, but it could also help you win a free badge to next year’s International Steampunk Symposium. Once the festivities have […]