Nachtstuten von Frankenstein by Brett King

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The Beast While living in Germany, aviation pioneer Gustave Whitehead claimed to have discovered lost notes of Victor Frankenstein, which detailed how to reanimate a horse, a predecessor to Frankenstein’s work with human corpses. Gustave later moved to Pittsburgh, where he was purportedly working on creating a flying steed as a means of achieving human […]

Steampunk Phoenix by Bekah Ewers

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The Beast Steampunk Phoenix are friendly constructs that use coal and steam power to function.  After their initial creation, they went a bit wild and had to be enticed back into service with a hearty snack of coal. In this scene, the Steampunk Phoenix has returned to the factory for its breakfast, carefully doled out by the […]

The Leviathan by Adam Koehler

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The Beast Created as a war machine for the German naval fleet, the Leviathan is a mechanical monster resembling an ancient prehistoric fish. With a length of approximately 15 meters and a height of 6 meters it is much smaller than many of the other submarines in service. Because of its smaller size, it is […]

Mermaid Automaton by Karin Weston

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The Beast Invented by merpeople and used as a guardian of the border of merpeople territory. More information on the mermaid automaton contained in the excerpt from the journal entry of Professor Reginald H. Fettingis: The submarine continued to descend and then leveled out and turned to the west. Suddenly the our lights glinted off […]

Steampunk Krakken by Ted Jauw

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The Beast This is a moment of terror frozen in time. The R.A.F. Narwhal encounters a mechanically armoured Krakken on its way to Cincinnati, intent on finishing what it started many years ago. The outcome of this incident is wholly uncertain as it hasn’t happened yet . . . but will. Incidents like this are […]

The Optimus Steam helmet Winner!

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At the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017, before a live audience, ten sided dice were rolled to generate a random number to pick a winner from the list of people who have pre-registered and purchased their weekend tickets for the 2018 Symposium. The dice were cast and we can announce that the […]

Win the Optimus Steam helmet!

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  We have a new prize that we are going to give away to one person who is going to the 2018 International Steampunk Symposium! The Optimus Steam helmet is a unique piece that can either be worn as a costume accessory, or placed on display for much admiration . . . or maybe both? […]

The Unbreakable Umbrella Giveaway!

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The International Steampunk Symposium has a history of people hitting each other with umbrellas . . . we are talking about Umbrella Fencing! It all started back in 2012 with the inaugural Symposium, but we quickly found that your standard umbrella was just not up to the demands of combat . . . those poor […]

Costume Contest

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The International Steampunk Symposium Costume Contest was held Saturday afternoon, with the winners announced on Sunday afternoon. The costume featured five categories, with a first, second and third place awarded in each. This year also introduce two categories for very young children, but there were no entries from the those categories. 20 airship points were […]