Mermaid Automaton by Karin Weston

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The Beast Invented by merpeople and used as a guardian of the border of merpeople territory. More information on the mermaid automaton contained in the excerpt from the journal entry of Professor Reginald H. Fettingis: The submarine continued to descend and then leveled out and turned to the west. Suddenly the our lights glinted off […]


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WhmZcoat returns to the Symposium Vendor Hall for 2019 with their collection of whimsical coats and more. WhmZcoat sells coats that cross fantasy into the everyday world, making the mundane magical! Styles are inspired by Doctor Who, Star Wars, Cosplay, Anime, Steampunk, Comic Book Characters or whatever sparks the imagination. All coats are one of a […]

The Midwest Steampunk BIG TICKET 2019

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SAVE UP TO $150 OFF YOUR TICKETS! If you are attending the International Steampunk Symposium in March and are planning to also attend the new Chicago Steampunk Exposition in September then we have a truly amazing offer for you! The Symposium has a great deal with the Chicago Steampunk Exposition that if you purchase badges […]

Queering Steampunk (18+)

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A whirlwind tour through historical queers and queer steampunk. Presented at Symposium 2019 by Bay Gaillard Ever wonder about historical queer folks? Keen to find out what people are doing to queer the genre of Steampunk? Come find out!   Bay Gaillard writes erotica under the pen name Dominique Rothford and non-erotic short fiction under the pen […]

Jennifer’s Mixed Media

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Jennifer’s Mixed Media returns to the Symposium Vendor Hall for 2019 Jennifer’s Mixed Media loves creating unique and interesting mixed media art and paper crafts. Her artwork includes unusual photo books, magnets and altered composition books in addition to mixed media canvas works.     To learn more about Jennifer’s Mixed Media visit their Facebook Page Click HERE […]

Hëxa Burlesque at the Midnight Carnival

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Hëxa Burlesque join the line up of entertainment at the Midnight Carnival masked ball. The dancers of the Hëxa Burlesque troupe weave stories with glitter-laden nipples, gyrating hips, and the most titillating innuendos. With a taste for the unique, the strange, and the unusual, they blend burlesque, dance, and concept and transform it into the most sensual and powerful, […]

Steampunk Krakken by Ted Jauw

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The Beast This is a moment of terror frozen in time. The R.A.F. Narwhal encounters a mechanically armoured Krakken on its way to Cincinnati, intent on finishing what it started many years ago. The outcome of this incident is wholly uncertain as it hasn’t happened yet . . . but will. Incidents like this are […]

Everyday Steampunk

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Everyday Steampunk returns to the Symposium Vendor Hall for 2019 with WANDS, pens, bottle stoppers, sewing accessories, and textiles! Everyday Steampunk offers Steampunk themed bottle stoppers, touch screen styluses, pens, seam rippers and other sewing accessories, themed pillows and aprons, and on the “Phineas Phantastic Wands” side, magic wands of all types, wand holsters, and the above […]