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As part of the Steampunk Variety Show line up,
we present to you . . . Aela!
Aela: born and raised in Germany, began her journey in belly dance mid-2001. Formerly a gymnast, jazz and ball room dancer, she quickly fell in love with the art of belly dance. Since then, she has trained countless hours, worked, studied and performed with some of the top dancers in the field. She has made a name for herself by teaching and performing throughout Europe and the USA.
Performing for Turkish and Arabic audiences has provided the perfect opportunity to learn to improvise and perform to live music. All of this experience has shaped not only her dance style, but her ability to teach others to dance.  Aela has taught and performed at such prestigious events such as the Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive, TribOriginal, Rakkasah East, the Down East Bellydance and Drum Festival, the Taksim in Berne Switzerland, the official German championships (Judge) and numerous studios throughout Europe and the US.
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