SIX Weeks until Symposium 2019

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There are now just SIX WEEKS left until the Symposium . . . LESS than TWO MONTHS!

TWO weeks remain to get the Midwest Steampunk BIG Ticket that saves up to 25% off your tickets if you are planning on being at both the Symposium in March and the Chicago Steampunk Exposition in September. Click Here to learn more.

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TWO weeks left to secure yourself the exclusive 2019 Symposium Pin . . .


This year’s exclusive 2019 Steampunk Symposium pins are included with weekend badges and premium badges ordered before midnight on February 28th, 2019.

Regular weekend badges will receive the Standard Pin that features the crest of the Cincinnatus Academy of Science & Sorcery, and those with premium weekend badges will recieve the Premium Pin.


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This week we added details about the following presentations:

As of this week, the full schedule is now live on the site – CLICK HERE to see it 🙂

Live Action Role Play

This week things have come together nicely with the Symposium’s Live Action Role Play (LARP) mystery game with clues in place, suspects to chase, and witnesses to interview.

Click on the question mark to learn more . . .

Upcoming Posts . . .

  • Airship Registration guidelines.
  • More panels

And other such delights . . .


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