36 Weeks until Symposium 2019

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There are 36 WEEKS until the Symposium . . . so what’s new?

At this point we must seem like such a tease . . . we have a lot in the works and the results are almost ready to share 🙂

Soon we will be able to reveal the new pin and logo for the 2019 Symposium, and it might be one of the best ones thus far. The design will also be available on t-shirts.

We’ve been working on Wand Dueling for the 2019 Steampunk Olympiad. Hotel policy does not allow actual wands or firearms into the building, so we are developing a non-magic friendly version of this witchcraft and wizardry standard. Are you skilled enough to hit the targets with a flick of the wrist and an incantation of the wand?


If there are any rooms left in the host hotel block, please use the following information to book your room:

Block Name: Steampunk Symposium General Block

Block Code: STS

Booking Link: Steampunk Symposium 2019

To book your room, either call 513-752-4400 or book online with one of the above link.

Staff and Vendors, please note that there are separate blocks for you that will be opened closer to the show.

~ Additional hotels will be added at the end of July ~


If you would like to present any panels, workshops, or other sessions at the Symposium, then please submit a proposal with our Presenter Application


Currently the Symposium is accepting applications from vendors wishing to be at the 2019 Symposium.

Read more about vending and apply HERE

Coming Soon

  • We shall take a look at how Magic is joining Steam for the 2019 Symposium.
  • Details of the return of the Costume Contest for 2019 with new hosts.
  • Extra hotels added to the Symposium campus.
  • More Entertainer announcements.

And other such delights . . .

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