34 Weeks until Symposium 2019

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There are 34 WEEKS until the Symposium . . . and here are a few new things!


We like to think of the Symposium as a Steampunk Buffet with many options for people to find something that suites their tastes. In 2018 we responded to requests to have more immersive and LARP (Live Action Role Play) elements in the show by adding an interactive game throughout the weekend; for 2019 we are excited to develop the LARP even further by teaming up with the Mind’s Eye Society and By Night Studios, the official licensed publisher for new Mind’s Eye Theatre products for White Wolf’s World of Darkness setting, most famously known for their LARP game Vampire the Masquerade.

While there may be a few vampires lurking around the Symposium this March, the LARPing program that we are developing with the Mind’s Eye Society is custom built to this year’s theme of “Steamtastic Beasts” and will offer varying levels of participation. For the casual player, there are puzzle paths and scavenger hunts to find an array of steam powered creatures, for the moderate player there are also adventure paths that lead to investigations with presenters, vendors, and other participants, and for the truly immersive players there are scenes acted out with members of the Mind’s Eye Society to further solve the mystery. All three levels weave together for each of the three days of the convention, and the resolution will be revealed during closing ceremonies on Sunday.

We shall have more details as the planning progresses . . .

Design Contest

Last week we launched our Design Contest and invited you to share your visions of Steamtastic Beasts with the Symposium. The artwork will be part of the interactive game which can be played separately, or as part of the LARP (as mentioned above), and there are prizes for the pieces selected for the convention.

Click HERE to learn more about the contest and how to enter.



If there are any rooms left in the host hotel block (last we heard there are three), please use the following information to book your room:

Block Name: Steampunk Symposium General Block

Block Code: STS

Booking Link: Steampunk Symposium 2019

To book your room, either call 513-752-4400 or book online with one of the above link.

Staff and Vendors, please note that there are separate blocks for you that will be opened closer to the show.

Details of extra hotels coming soon . . . 


If you would like to present any panels, workshops, or other sessions at the Symposium, then please submit a proposal with our Presenter Application


Currently the Symposium is accepting applications from vendors wishing to be at the 2019 Symposium.

Read more about vending and apply HERE

Coming Soon

  • We shall take a look at how Magic is joining Steam for the 2019 Symposium.
  • Details of the return of the Costume Contest for 2019 with new hosts.
  • Extra hotels added to the Symposium campus.
  • More Entertainer announcements.

And other such delights . . .

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