14 Weeks until Symposium 2019

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There are 14 WEEKS until the Symposium . . . and things have been moving further forward with the new Symposium LARP game with ICOSA Game Works, the creators of Pure Steam RPG.

Also the long awaited list of Steampunk Olympiad Games will be revealed soon, and we will have updated information on Airship Registration . . . actually we can’t say much about the registration at the moment, but we can let slip that it will be in collaboration with a new Steampunk project for 2019 that is set to give a boost to the Steampunk Community both near and far. Darn! I wish I could tell you more, but if all goes to plan, we shall be unveiling the project next month 🙂

Meanwhile . . .


Steamtastic Beasts

This week we unleashed another Steamtastic Beast . . . the Steampunk Phoenix!



This week we featured the following presentations that will be in the 2019 schedule:

We shall continue to add more and more to the list as the weeks countdown to Symposium 2019.



Our latest Vendor Features added . . .



The current list of confirmed vendors can be seen by clicking HERE.


Upcoming Posts . . .

  • Airship Registration guidelines.
  • Programming announcements.
  • The Houses of the Cincinnatus Academy of Science & Sorcery.
  • Details of the return of the Costume Contest for 2019 with new hosts.

And other such delights . . .


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