11 Weeks until Symposium 2019

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So with just 11 WEEKS left until the Symposium . . . how are those outfits coming along?

This week we added two sessions that are costume related (links below), and soon we will be posting details of what to expect from the 2019 Costume Contest.

On on the subject of contests, most of the rules for the Steampunk Olympiad have been published, and can be found HERE


This week we featured the following presentations that will be in the 2019 schedule:

We shall continue to add more and more to the list as the weeks countdown to Symposium 2019.


Upcoming Posts . . .

  • Airship Registration guidelines.
  • Programming announcements.
  • The Houses of the Cincinnatus Academy of Science & Sorcery.
  • Details of the return of the Costume Contest for 2019 with new hosts.

And other such delights . . .


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